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Made with museums in mind by experts, GLAMkit gives you more time to innovate and integrate.


GLAMkit makes workflows faster and more productive, so you can create and collaborate with ease.


GLAMkit helps you share amazing stories without messing with your data, keeping it safe for the future.

Who’s Using It

San Francisco Museum of Modern Art

“With its robust infrastructure, GLAMkit allows us to integrate with SFMOMA’s existing systems, implement our Design Studio’s gorgeous new design, and provide a platform for the breadth and depth of content we’re known for.” Keir Winesmith,
Head of Web and Digital Platforms, SFMOMA

Museum of Contemporary Art Australia

“Working with a CMS like GLAMkit is really great for us because it’s been designed and conceived with the needs of a museum in mind. It really enables us to focus on the content, communicating and connecting with our audiences.” Gabby Shaw,
Digital Media Manager, Museum of Contemporary Art Australia


Natural content editing, so that your stories stay looking great

Super-powered events & exhibitions calendars that almost run themselves

Workflows designed for museum teams to create, preview, review & publish

Drive your website, apps, and online collection from an intuitive dashboard

Designed to talk to your existing systems, so nothing gets left behind

Coded in Python/Django, for extensible architecture and high performance

Customization Services

GLAMkit is open source and free to use for museums as-is, but if there’s any extra‑special stuff you need, write our team an email and we’ll work with you to make it happen. We made GLAMkit after all.

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